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The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital system allows on-site pull tests to be automatically recorded and compiled into a digital report using the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital App on a mobile phone or tablet device. These reports can be sent directly to clients or managers and are stored in the cloud to be accessed remotely anywhere on a browser in a user's own company dashboard.


Report from on-site
Using the Hydrajaws app job details can be set up before going on-site and used again and again to save valuable work time. A digital report is generated on-site which will include all test information including a pass or fail result, a visual results graph, fixing details, site location coordinates, date and time. Notes, images and photos taken on-site can be also be added. 


Proof of results
The app captures and records the digital report and test data and pushes it directly to the cloud. From there it can be emailed directly to a customer or company manager or stored for later to add other information and notes. 
The latest digital technology ensures this data is safe, immune to tampering and indisputable. This will reassure customers and managers about the integrity of your results.


Complete visibility of jobs
Using the Dashboard a company administrator can review all test reports from all company users. They can also add notes to reports and send them directly to customers. 

The Dashboard contains all essential information including :

  • All test results and reports

  • All company devices and their calibration dates.

  • All company users and licenses.

  • A GPS map containing all test sites.

  • A list of Hydrajaws Approved International Service Centres.


User friendly Hydrajaws App
The App is available on Android or Apple mobile devices with easy-to-use app interface available in different languages. The app provides fully automated instructions during testing allowing for a quick and smooth workflow to save time.


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